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VALENTINE, in collaboration with pianist Rob Araujo, has released the third episode from his concept album ‘Falling’. The latest piece of the story comes as ‘Embrace’, a funk-filled, fusion of styles, with Araujo bringing a strong jazz influence and patches providing a hip-hop edge.

The concept album is inspired by the love between VALENTINE and his fiancée, weaving the excitement, joys, pains, and beauty of love.

“Sometimes, I just think about all the times we rode the train to see each other; all the times I sprinted from those doors to your arms and held you for the first time in weeks. The pattern repeats as I come home from traveling and rush into the apartment to hold you again. Sometimes, I get caught up in my insecurities; I know we both do. Truthfully, it was never our purpose to be perfect. Sometimes, I wonder: ‘What is my purpose?’ The pattern repeats as I realize all I can do is embrace our individuality, the memories we share, and all the experiences that we have yet to discover.” — VALENTINE

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