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True to form, The Prodigy are back with ‘Need Some1’ a high energy, genre mashing track.

it’s the first single from the upcoming album ‘No Tourists’ and features vocal samples from diva legend Loleatta Holloway. The exhilarating track shows The Prodigy are back and rearing to go; ready to once again demonstrate their unique ability to be multi-faceted, daring electronic artists. 

“Need Some1 demonstrates the thing about our band that I love: it’s multi-sided,” says Howlett of the band. “We have the freedom to drop a tune like this alongside tracks led by Keef and Maxim, and still represent what we are about in the same way.” Referring to the Holloway sample, Liam adds that “there’s always one element in our tunes that looks back to where we came from. When asked what the new album sounds like, my response is: Evil Rave. We own that sound.”

‘No Tourists’ is out later this year in November. Check out the video for ‘Need Some1’ by Paco Raterta. 

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