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‘Hotstep’ is the latest single from Australian producer Solo Dan (ex-GRRL PAL producer) which has him working with Perth-based Afro-beat artist Quincy for his soulfully vibrant vocal sounds.

Solo Dan (aka Daniel Craig) began writing ‘Hotstep’ back in 2017 but wasn’t sure how to finish it off until he met Quincy, a performer from the Reunion Islands who he had seen performing with an African dance crew called Soukouss Internationale. Dan hadn’t actually heard Quincy actually sing until he turned up at his studio one day, with weary legs and a tired head.

“I’d never actually heard Quncy sing until he came over to my studio one day to write. He had a big night out the night before, going to a local dance party to meet up with a love interest. After looking for a while he couldn’t actually find him, but he didn’t seem to mind as he got so swept up with dancing and having fun. The hook is essentially about him not caring if they went home together because he just had the best night out dancing anyway,” says Dan

With a few solid song-writing projects under his belt (the entire GRRL PAL catalogue & ‘Enigma’ by Slumberjack), a recent official remix of ‘Where Do We Belong’ for Client Liaison, and now with his own originals coming to light, we should all start getting ourselves familiar with the name “Solo Dan”.

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