Xavier Dunn dropped by Acid Stag HQ the other day with a bag of Avocados, a Lemon and pale-pink cap with an Avocado embroidered on the front – he sure does know his way to this man’s heart!

He also gave me a special link to check out his brand new ep ‘Isic Tutor’ ahead of its release this week, and as I sat there wearing my new pale-pink cap and eating my Avocado & Lemon, I was wistfully drawn into the lush indie/electro/pop sounds of these five gorgeous songs that make up Dunn’s new ep, and I must say it was a rather enjoyable experience – he sure does have an impressive set of pipes!

“MY ‘ISIC TUTOR’ EP IS OUT AUSSIE SMAVS. There are five songs for your listening pleasure… all written, produced and performed by yours truly. I hope you like them.” – Xavier Dunn

“Went on a little smavo adventure last week and gave some smavo hats and snacks to a couple of my favourite people to celebrate my EP coming out!!!!” – Xavier Dunn

Stream/Buy: 1825 Records / Warner Music Australia 
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