The last two years have been pretty insane for New York City duo Sofi Tukker. They exploded onto the global stage with some damn fine infectious tropical dance music that just took the world by storm, and just recently they released their highly anticipated debut album ‘Treehouse’.

We thought this was an ideal time to drop by and ask them where it all began for them….

“Will Smith, Big Willie Style. and Miami was my favorite song on it. It impacted my life heavily. I think I adopted some of Will Smith’s humor, still to this day! After playing this tape on repeat, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air became my favorite show, and Will Smith became one of my favorite characters. He is one of the best examples of someone being the loosest and most outrageous and absolutely batshit crazy and completely comfortable with himself. The way Will Smith was always an outsider on the television show and didn’t give a shit that he was not from a wealthy family or who was, but everyone thought he was cool because he was his ridiculous self.

Also his biggest hit from that album at the time was “Gettin Jiggy Wit It.” This struck me because he wasn’t ever taking himself too seriously. Many of the other famous musicians I knew were rock stars, which was fine, but this appealed to me more because he was just having fun with his friends. I just thought it was the coolest thing the way him and Jazzy Jeff seemed to roll around and have parties and make people smile. I was young and admittedly I didn’t know I wanted to make music and perform until my junior year in college, BUT I swear he put a lot of ideas in my head at a young age. It was important to me, when we started SOFI TUKKER, that we not take ourselves too seriously. Also he wore ridiculous colorful 90s gear that I always wanted. Basically, he is the man and inspired me to be a goober. It all started with that album!!” – Tucker

Let’s step back to 1997 with Will Smith’s ‘Miami’ before getting stuck into Sofi Tukker’s debut album ‘Treehouse’ just below.

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