After three years in the making ‘Honey Bones’ was released on the 10th of June by a group called Dope Lemon, which is the latest collaborative project from musical mastermind and general chiller Angus Stone, working alongside Rohin Brown (of The Walking Who) and Elliott Hammond (of The Delta Riggs).

‘Honey Bones’ is an album of mellowed-out, coastal rock. The majority of the album was recorded at Belafonte Studios – Angus Stone’s farm. The format for creating the album was a relaxed and organic process: just a bunch of friends meeting in the studio and having a jam. This vibe resonates throughout the album.

‘Marinade’ is a strong opener and one of my favourite tracks for it’s cruisey guitar intro and somber vibe. ‘Uptown Folks’ was the first track to be released from this album in March of this year. I love it for it’s full sound, layering, instrumentation and ornamentation. ‘Fuck Things Up’ is an emotive, ambient piece. In an interview with Triple J, Stone said that this song was a “regretful apology…to himself and to others“. This is reflected in the music and demonstrates the power that Stone has in his ability to communicate relatable emotions through his songwriting.

‘Coyote’ has something of an old school Led Zeppelin vibe about it. This one is a bit darker and more driven. ‘Stonecutters’ changes up the sound again with a skillfully worked folky intro. Surprisingly, the title track ’Honey Bones’ was not one of my favourites. It felt a bit messy, as if several songs had been thrown into one.

The best part of ‘The Way You Do’ was the rock’n’roll piano. ‘Won’t Let You Go’ is a sad song that creeps up on you. I initially didn’t think that much of it, but after a few listens I grew to love it.

‘Honey Bones’ is a unique album that combines the chilled vibes of Angus Stone with the rock’n’roll instrumentality of Rohin Brown and Elliott Hammond. The result has been an album of dramatic and varying sounds that are great to mellow out to.

Rating: ★★★

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