words by Carlos Duarte

Much has already been said about Hopelessness being a protest album, however, it also serves as a mirror that reflects humanity’s ugliness. We are responsible for many wondrous, beautiful things and yet, there is a part of us that nurtures abilities and intentions that can lead to our collective downfall, both physically and spiritually. It is with this powerful and at times shocking record that ANOHNI tells us how it is, regardless of how uncomfortable the images she conjures makes us.

First single ‘4 Degrees’ couldn’t have come at a better time considering what’s happening with global warming at the moment. The nonchalant hook of “It’s only 4 degrees, its only 4 degrees” sums up the thought that all that increase means is one less layer before you go out, but when juxtaposed against lines like “I wanna see the dogs crying for water… all the lemurs and all the tiny creatures, I wanna see them burn…”, the song takes on a more frightening reality.

ANOHNI keeps things visceral throughout the LP, covering everything from politically backed invasions, the emotional impact of losing family members to drone bombs and the separation from the natural world to full effect. The ability to portray lament and terror with a voice as angelic as hers is remarkable and the production on Hopelessness, with its mix of booming drums, dreamy electronica and droning synths further amplifies the impact.

When all is said and done, Hopelessness is a collection of foreboding visions courtesy of the oracle that is ANHONI. It makes for an experience that is not only fascinating, but also essential in order to see what we do to our world and ultimately, ourselves.

Rating: ★★★★★

is available now through Rough Trade / Remote Control Records.

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