words by Carlos Duarte

Canadian singer/songwriter Sean Nicholas Savage adds to his hefty catalogue with another release that showcases his philosophical musings on life amidst production values that harbour undercurrents of soul, 80’s funk and folk music.

Other Death suitably opens with a melancholy piano intro that eventually bleeds into the confidently defiant ‘Propaganda’. Here, the soulful bass line drives the gentle groove as Savage declares “propaganda, you can’t have me”. His sweet falsetto on “freeeeee” drives the point home.

One will find that most of the arrangements on the album have a rather sunny disposition that contrasts against the hushed vocal tones and ruminant song writing. Tracks like ‘Casablanca’ and the Hot Chip-esque ‘Promises’ explore relationships from different angles yet both hang on bitter realisations. When juxtaposed against the upbeat production, the reality that we just have to roll with the punches and dance through the rain hits firmly.

Another noteworthy aspect of the LP is the variety in Savage’s voice. He can go from breathy whispers to falsetto with ease and the harmonies on cuts like ‘1 More Chance’ with guest singer Nite Jewel float effortlessly like feathers in a breeze.

The bittersweet tone of Other Death is what makes it stand out amongst other releases where the artists can come across as whiny. Sean Nicholas Savage’s experiences are delivered in ways that are observant and relatable, and his voice’s versatility is a pleasure to experience. With such an accomplished track record, one wouldn’t expect anything less.

Rating: ★★★★

Other Death is available now via Arbutus Records Records.

http://seannicholassavage.com | https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sean-Nicholas-Savage

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