words by Carlos Duarte

After taking time out to work on various musical endeavours (including the fine hip-hop soul mixtape ‘Borough Gypsy’) singer/songwriter Nomi Ruiz returns with the next Jessica 6 EP, The Capricorn.

Veering from the disco/RnB sound of See The Light, the new EP dives into a sea of sensual deep house that is uplifted by alluringly androgynous vocals and skilled lyricism.

Enlisting Eli Escobar, Thodoris Triantafillou, Rampa, Dim Vach and Cj Jeff to take care of the production, Nomi makes sure that the album’s core theme of renewal is given further impact by featuring ‘Love is gone/Fist’ collaborator Olga Kouklaki on the interludes. With her new team of musical allies, Ruiz takes the listener on a trip through dimly lit sonic alleys where love and lust eternally cruise each other.

First single, ‘Down Low’, serves as a dance driven expose’ into life on the DL. Lines like “I feel you rushin’ me as you rush in me…” and “aren’t you gonna watch my mouth as I go down on you/aren’t you gonna hold my hair up so I can stare at you?” sizzle with the heat and urgency of such a taboo encounter. The senses of desire and reluctance are palpable thanks to Ruiz’s sultry tone and her expert pen game.

While it’s clear that sexuality and Nomi go hand in hand, matters of the heart have always been central themes within Ruiz’s music. There are few musicians that are able to truly make listeners feel the aftermath of Cupid’s arrow strike as Nomi does and tracks like ‘Can’t Tear Us Apart’ and ‘Black On Blonde’ are proof of this.

The former, a tale of an obstacle plagued love affair resonates with the determination of survival, while the latter finds the Brooklynite beauty looking for answers from a former lover amidst an irresistible Latin piano riff and spicy drums.

With exquisite production and unforgettable vocals, The Capricorn EP stands as one of 2015’s finest dance records. Nomi’s hip hop soul roots elevate the experience above what the average house record offers, and with a versatility that ensures she could never be boxed into just one genre, Ruiz is assured to go from strength to strength.

Rating: ★★★★★

You can pick up a copy of The Capricorn now form iTunes.