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words by Max Byrne

Allthingslost, aka Abraham Tilbury, has just dropped his new EP Magictime which he likes to describe with one word – ‘anti-banger’. Despite this, we’ve found that the beautifully woven tracks on this EP can still get you moving, but in a slow and mindless sway.

Tilbury’s vocals and production is unique and sits on a similar level to that of James Blake, if not reaching higher esteem.

‘Sitwithme’ is the first track on the EP and the production is next level. Tilbury ran some of the drums through his piano’s acoustic to get this insane reverb which you hear at 2.19. The track also builds to these droning synths that perfectly suited my run as I chased my bus the first time I heard this EP. The most impressive part of this song is the almost 2 minute outro which does not become tedious or boring at any point and really lives up to its title of an anti-banger.

In ‘Cold’ after a slow pulsing beat and falsettos, the track pulls back to piano that kind of reminds me of Big Scary. At this point, you loose aspect on where the song is going, then the beat kicks in again out of nowhere and drives the track home.

Deceit revolves around a glitchy beat that you’d expect to hear out of an old drum machine except for the fact that it’s timing is sporadic. Guitar, falsettos and sweeping synths follow suit with a nice little synth line finishing off the track.

‘Magictime’ leads with lush synth chords and a simple vocal line as it slowly and elegantly builds up to a droning drop filled with soaring vocals.

This EP is beautifully crafted and is well worth many listens. Grab it from Bandcamp for ‘pay what you want’ deal

Rating: ★★★★☆

https://www.facebook.com/allthingslostmusic https://soundcloud.com/allthingslostmusic https://twitter.com/all_things_lost

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