words by Natalia Morawski

Mac Demarco is loved for his boyish antics and pranks during performance, he has been known to have a make out session with band members, and he’s brought his mother out on stage. He’s the kind of artist that can write odes about his girlfriend and also his favourite brand of cigarettes — Viceroy — both equally as dreamy and romantic as the other. His serious and sensitive lyrics are often undercut by his ridiculously playful video clips and performance style, but Another One is different — rather it is a wholly contemplative and poignant mini-album about love.

Another One is like coming home to an old friend, the odd, twangy tuning of his guitar still punctuates every song. The air-tight percussions are still there and so is the funky basslines but now this old friend wants to spill their heart open to you.

Here Demarco tackles the many avenues of love; regret, longing, confusion and pain. But what is so successful about this album is that Demarco is able to explore these universal feelings in a very non-universal way, in the Demarco way — casually, candidly and genuinely.

The title-track, ‘Another One’ is almost like a sleepy ballad. Here Demarco accompanies a bass guitar with dulled out synths. The lyrics are simple, but utterly pained, “Who could that be knocking at her door? Must be another one.”

His slacker style works well with the lyrics. They’re raw — not cluttered by abstractions and melodramas. And so what ensues is an air of simple but meaningful contemplation; of regret but also acceptance, like in ‘Without Me’ where he defeatedly sings, “As long as she’s happy without me.”

Another One doesn’t push boundaries musically, it is rather a quiet reminder that his style is unique and strong enough to keep producing loveable tracks. It’s typical Demarco, but with the layer on layer of love, it becomes a very expressive and intimate album.

And intimate is quite right, the last track is a thoughtful piano melody accompanied by the sounds of water lapping against the shore. It finishes with Demarco letting us in on his home address and an invitation for a cup of coffee.

Rating: ★★★★

Another One is available now via iTunes.


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