LA producer Goldroom dropped a new mix last week called Verano Mix 2015, and I have been patiently saving it for this week’s edition of our HUMP DAY MIX series.

“We’re closer to sunset than sunrise, the last rays of summer’s sun casting the long shadows once again. We can sprint to save the day, but those shadows only get taller. Autumn is on the way, and the long afternoons that felt like dreams soon will be just that. But there’s something beautiful about this time of year, when the sun is till here to bake you, but the heat feels a bit more urgent than lazy. Something is around the corner. Something big is coming” – Goldroom

1. Goldroom – Slow Wash
2. Classixx – wiw-16tp
3. Nick Leng – Inside Your Mind (feat. Carmody)
4. Nicola Cruz – Mantis
5. Moon Boots – Utopia
6. John Parsley – Friends
7. (a secret canadian friend) – Your Lips
8. Jafunk – Dazed
9. Ekkah – Last Chance To Dance (Goldroom Remix)
10. JackLNDN – Don’t Forget
11. Mitchell Southam – Remember
12. Lane 8 – Sunlight
13. Crazy P – Like A Fool
14. Martin Waslewski – Floading feat. Sascha Reske
15. Goldroom – Mykonos (Fleet Foxes Cover)
16. RUFUS DU SOL – You Were Right
17. Mason – Nite Rite Five
18. Gigamesh – The Music
19. Goldroom – Tradewinds
20. Bag Raiders – Vapor Trails
21. CFCF – La Soufrière
22. Goldroom – Slow Wash Reprise