Recently we were all treated to the great new track from San Fran-bred/Germany-based producer Lane 8, it was called ‘Ghost’ and it featured Baltimore singer/songwriter Patrick Baker.

‘Ghost’ is the next track to be pulled from Lane 8‘s upcoming debut album Rise, and we jumped on the line with the man himself, Daniel Goldstein, to ask where his love of music began.

I was 7 years old when the first Backstreet Boys album came out. I’d heard the single on the radio (“Quit Playing Games With My Heart, I believe). My sister and her friends liked their gelled, spiky hair. I simply needed that CD. I had $20 in birthday money saved up, and after a lot of persuasion (and possibly a few tears) my father agreed to take me to Tower Records. As a shy 7-year-old, I can say I was completely overwhelmed in that place (the staff there had tattoos! and face piercings!) and as such I scrambled around a bit desperately, my mind racing and my palms sweating.

Tower, like all record stores I’ve ever been to, was organized alphabetically, which my father had explained to me in the car ride over. Once we got inside I nervously navigated my way to the “B” section and started scanning. I stopped – there was a small display case above the bins, highlighting one particular album. It was a black cover, and in my adrenaline-fuelled daze, I thought I read “Backstreet Boys” at the top of the cover art. I grabbed one and headed to the checkout with a grin on my face, heart pounding in my chest.

We got home and I immediately ripped open the shrink wrap and popped the CD into my sister’s boombox. I pressed play – the first track was an intro. I skipped it. I didn’t recognise the second track. There was only one song I wanted to hear at that moment. The third track began to play – I thought, “this is weird. I think I’ve heard this before.” I flipped the CD to the back to check the tracklist and my heart sank.

I had bought a Blackstreet album. As “No Diggity” blared over my sister’s 3 inch woofers, I crumpled to the floor – I had screwed up, I had wasted my entire savings on a CD that I didn’t even like. I told my father and sister what happened and they started howling like hyenas – indeed, my first attempt to enter the world of music collection was a complete failure.

My father, being the kind man that he is, took me back to Tower Records to exchange the CD that very day. I remember the woman at the counter snickered a bit when my father explained the situation; I suppose it was my first encounter with musical snobbery!

So lucky his dad was a good dude – we can only wonder what type of music Daniel would be making if he had of been forced into Blackstreet

Here is ‘Ghost’ featuring Patrick Baker.

Lane 8‘s debut Rise will hit the shelves on July 17 – pre-order your copy now via iTunes

Between now and November, Lane 8 is embarking on a fairly extensive tour of Europe, Canada and USA – you can find all of those details here

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