words by Tanya Bonnie Rae

One of Canberra’s newest nightclubs Mr Wolf, played host to Sydney producer Lancelot’s National ‘Connection’ tour, which kicked off last Friday May 22. Inspired by the character of Mr Wolf in Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction (re: “I’m Mr Wolf. I solve problems.”), the nightclub’s owners were determined to set it aside from the city’s previous venues, following a wave of recent closures. As far as providing insulation from Canberra’s numbingly hypothermic weather goes, the venue was stylishly on point.

Lancelot, aka Lance Gurisik, jumped on the decks after midnight and played a DJ set that was dancey, well rounded and featured tracks that were a little tropical and on the tech-house side of the electronic music spectrum. He played ‘Body Back’ by Adrian Oblanca and his own track ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ on But The Rent’, released just over a year ago on UK label Anjunadeep, and featuring Aussie soul songstress Ngaiire.

Sydney producer Pantheon hopped on stage afterwards and kind of stole the show. Lancelot was great but he didn’t have the same energy and stage presence that Pantheon (aka Joseph Karam) brought to the table. He spun a lot more of his own tracks, including ‘It’s About Time’, released as a free download to support his upcoming national tour. Disclosure’s new tech-house number ‘Bang That’, Shiba San’s ‘Show Me, Show Me’ and Kill Frenzy’s ‘Gorilla’, all made brief appearances during his set, and though the venue probably hadn’t reached half it’s capacity, everyone seemed to be having a pretty swell time.

There were a couple of peculiar characters scattered about in the crowd (and one dude in particular that insisted on circling me like a tetherball for the entire length of the night), and the venue was perfect to host these two Sydney producers, but it felt a little sloppy on the promotion side of things. The crowd that showed up looked like they had stumbled across the event by accident, and actually had no idea who either of the main acts were. This did little to discourage them though, and both producers delivered solid, compellingly charismatic sets.

Lancelot still has a stack of shows on the way, so be sure to go check him out as he passes your way. You can find all of the details here: https://www.facebook.com/lancelotofficial/app_308540029359

Lancelot - tour - acid stag

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