words by Emma Rose

For Django Django fans, it’s been a long wait following their first album release in 2012, an album that shot them into the spot light, hitting platinum sales. In early May their second album Born Under Saturn was released and has been positively received, gaining the title ‘Album of the Week’ from numerous publications.

Born Under Saturn transcends the concept of categorisation, mixing electronic production with indie-pop vibes that create a fun, upbeat listen. The four piece consists of Dave Maclean on drums and production, Vinnie Neff on lead vocals and guitar, Jimmy Dixon on bass and Tommy Grace on synths. The mix of Neff’s clean vocals surrounded by rhythmic synthesised tunes and intricate drum lines give Django Django their unique sound. Walking the line between indie pop and art rock, Born Under Saturn is infused with bongo beats, jazzy brass solos, warm harmonies and synthesised dance beats.

The album’s first track ‘Shake and Tremble’ is a fun, vibrant introduction setting a high standard for the rest of the album. Clear drum beats, old style keyboard progressions and supporting harmonies create a rhythmic dance beat that easily leads into the other tracks. The album is intermittently highlighted with stand out tracks such as ‘First Light’, ‘Vibrations and ‘Shot Down’ however, the album flows seamlessly creating a pleasant listen overall.

A commendable second album which was well worth the wait!

Rating: ★★★★



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