words by Max Byrne

18-year-old UK producer Mura Masa has just dropped his new EP titled Someday Somewhere and it really packs a punch. This EP follows closely after the release of his debut album of last year, Soundtrack to a Death. The album was amazing and featured some really organic tones and fast moving melodies, but for Someday Somewhere, Mura Masa (aka Alex Crossan) has taken his previous ideas and strengths and pushed them into a new realm; good songwriting.

This EP features not only Crossan’s vocals, but also features artists Denai Moore, Nao and Jay Prince who all bring a lot to the table. These vocals are laid carefully on songs that are very reserved, but filled with detail and ear candy. Through listening to the EP it feels as though Crossan has carefully chosen what to include and when to pull back and promote minimalism. What makes this EP incredible is that he is able to do this whilst creating moving and high-energy songs and showcase relevant hip hop and electronic music through his hazy lens. Throughout the EP you hear small notions that point towards amazing influences (including James Blake, Jai Paul, Drake, Cashmere Cat, and SBTRKT to name a few) but it’s crafted so carefully.

The EP works so well because each song feels like it’s in its own textural and lush world and presents something different, but together the songs collectively display the skill of Mura Masa and the directions he’s capable of moving.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Someday Somewhere EP is available now from iTunes.


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