words by Emma Rose

After a yearlong absence from the music scene, London’s Mt. Wolf have reappeared, sounding stronger than ever. Following a whirlwind 12 months filled with sold-out shows and numerous radio appearances, the end of 2013 saw the band at a loss when founding member and lead vocalist Kate Sproule announced her departure from Mt. Wolf. Since then remaining members Sebastian (Bassi) Fox, Alex Mitchell and Stevie McMinn have been pursuing individual projects, so it was a surprise to see the release of their single ‘Red’ in November last year. The single featured the bands indie acoustic sampling that we’ve come to recognise from their previous EPs and was positively received by loyal Mt. Wolf fans earning them 100,000 plays on their soundcloud and another appearance on HypeM’s top 10 list.

With the recent release of their EP Red, guitarist Sebastian Fox has taken on the role of lead singer for the most part however the EP also features guest vocals from upcoming artist Alexa Harley, and spiritual teacher Burgs.

In true Mt. Wolf style, the EP is ambient and introspective, featuring emotional poignant lyrics, which speak of their extended absence as well as references to their personal relationships and the extraordinary and messy nature of life. The use of electronic, rhythmic beats along with the use of sampling and live acoustic sounds, gives a unique tone to the EP. Added use of reverb on the guitars and sound manipulation creates an unearthly feel to the tracks, particularly evident in ‘Red’ and ‘VIII’. The spoken vocals featured in ‘Burgs’ are haunting and intimate, as if he is talking only to you. An introspective backdrop of ambient guitar and synthesized drones decorate this track. Interestingly the song is a fundraiser for The Kids Company in England.

Along with the release of the EP, Mt. Wolf has also uploaded a video for their follow up single, ‘Hamburg’ which continues their strong comeback. The track is dreamy and intimate, featuring Bassi’s falsetto vocals that are delicate and emotive as he touches on the deep emotions experienced with the deterioration of a personal relationship.

Red is a strong return for the trio and promises great things for the future.

Rating: ★★★☆


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