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words by Carlos Duarte

Brisbane based producer B87 (aka DJ Butcher) serves up a concoction of imposing synths and cleverly manipulated vocal samples on his brand new effort, Mature. Despite the wet blanket implications of the title, this eight-track serving of various musical influences does an awesome job of showing off Butcher’s innate knack for creating unique sonic worlds through his mixing skills and production style.

Album opener ‘That Feeling’ starts things off on a psychedelic hip-hop tip with its relaxed momentum and hushed, vocal harmonics. The whispered question/statement of “how good love is” atop the trippy arrangement further enhances the song’s dark, narcotic vibe.

‘Home’ sees the hip-hop flavour cross over into an abrasive, yet intoxicating groove fuelled by an avian vocal sample and oriental influences. The primal essence that one gets a taste of on this cut becomes the main focus on follow up ‘Valley’. Wild chants and tribal drums work together to create one of Mature’s many thrilling moments.

Elsewhere, things ease up slightly. On ‘Dolomite’, the murky atmosphere envelops the warped, thuggish vocal sample of “hold up, I’m feelin fine”. ‘Climbing’ glistens with crystalline keys that permeate the foreboding guitar and sludgy synths while final cut ‘Departed’ serves as the apex of the journey. Poignant strings, fluttering piano keys and fiery drums signify the summit has been reached.

Mature paints B87 as a man of varied tastes, and it’s because of this that it stands out. Its many influences ensure an exciting listen, all while sporting the finesse that is expected of its title.

Rating: ★★★★


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