acid stag is an Australian music news website that is dedicated to sharing the music we love. While our main drive is to bring you all the latest in music news each day from around the world, we still take much pride in discovering new artists and giving them the opportunity to have their music heard by a global audience.

Due to the high volume of music we are sent each day, we’ve set up a number of daily series features in place to help cater for all of the different types/genres of amazing music that we feel needs to be heard.

These series pieces include; Non-MixTape Remixes, Serious Covers, Indie Delights, HUMP DAY MIX, Let’s Hear It For The..Newcomers, Single Sessions, The Disco Pit, Friday Favourites, Friday MixTape, Music + VideoRemix This and Sunday Chills.

We receive over 300 emails every day, and while we do try our best to listen to everything that comes through our inbox, it just isn’t possible to respond to everyone. If we do like what we hear, we will get around to sharing your music as soon as we can, we just ask that you be patient and that you keep your follow-up emails to a minimum of 7 days apart – sometimes it does take us that long to get through them all and align the track with the right placement

We put a lot of time and effort into supporting musicians and their music, and in return we simply ask that you all do the same by giving us a follow us on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, Hype Machine, Mixcloud, Instagram and YouTube.

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● We are an electronic music focused website (beats, electronica, future-beat, electro, disco, house, groove, funk, dance etc.), so that type of music is always going to get our attention.

 If you would like to have your music considered for a placement on acid stag, send us an email with a Soundcloud Link, Artwork, Press Photo, Press Release (or at least some info on the release), plus your Facebook & Twitter urls. (being a Hype Machine listed website, we don’t accept YouTube audio links sorry)

 You must start a new email with corresponding subject line for each new submission.

 We love making new friends, so personal emails get our attention over automated press releases – in-fact it is likely that any automated press releases will be unsubscribed

● Due to the high number of emails we receive each day (approx. 300-400-ish), we prefer not to receive track previews unless it’s for a premiere request.

● Album/EP previews are accepted for reviewing consideration, but you must either provide a Direct Download link or Soundcloud streaming link.

● Feel free to follow-up with us, but you must keep your follow-up email to a minimum of 7 days from your original, and do not follow-up more than once. If we haven’t responded after the first follow-up, we do apologise but it is safe to assume that that particular track has not made the cut, but we encourage you to keep us posted on your next release – those that do follow-up more than once will run the risk of being overlooked altogether next time

● Support the Supporters; if we do share your music across our network, we feel that it is only fair that you return the favour – following us on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, Hype Machine, Mixcloud, Instagram and YouTube, is a great way to show your appreciation, and by re-sharing & retweeting our social posts, you will help maximise the exposure across the combined audiences – which means more plays & attention for you!

● We do not do solo remix features unless it’s for a premiere, but we do have our Friday MixTapeRemix This and Non-MixTape series in-place to cover all remix submissions.

● An mp3 download file must be included with all remix submissions for consideration in our Friday MixTape series.

● Single/Remix/Video/EP/Album premiere requests are more than welcome, and while we don’t require any exclusivity time, we do need at least 4 days notice, and the premiere does need to be scheduled-in to suit Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT).

● If you are looking to promote your event/tour/festival/gig, we do have a number of tailored packages on offer for this type of coverage, so feel free to ask us for a copy of our rates menu.

SEND ALL SUBMISSIONS TOinfo@acidstag.com


If you love music and want to tell the world how much you really love it, we are always happy to consider adding new members to the family, so feel free to hit us up: info@acidstag.com


We have a number of tailored and affordable advertising packages on offer for artists, labels and brands to help get your music, message or product to as many eyes and ears as possible. To find out more information on this please contact: info@acidstag.com


acid stag also offers a music publicity service under the name Mammal Sounds. If you would like to take advantage of the services Mammal Sounds has to offer (and your music sits comfortably within the realm of content currently shared on acid stag), please send Mammal Sounds an email with a short description of your project, along with a sample of your music: jez@mammalsounds.com

*this is a paid publicity service only and we DO NOT accept any acid stag feature requests via this email address


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