The weekend is nearly here but this new one from Yooniq titled ‘Addicted to You’ makes it feel like we are already there with its addictive nature through an upbeat soundscape filled with plenty of groove and drive.

With a deepened four to the floor style beat holding the foundations in tact alongside the emphatic bass line, ‘Addicted to You’ slaps you across the face with its catchiness – whether that be from the memorable vocals or the soaring synths providing a surge of high-octane energy throughout.

“I wrote this track a few years ago, but it took me a long time to rework it. This is the hardest job of my career so far. I really like the combination of melancholy and groove in this track, it is very simple to understand, but at the same time makes you listen to it again and again” – Yooniq

out now via: Soave Records
artist connect: Instagram | SoundCloud

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