Gadigal/Sydney-based electronic artist Maver returns for the first time this year with an indie-electronic delight titled ‘Lay Down’, a buzzing new single filled with powerful production and soothing melodies that fans of BAYNK and Porter Robinson will absolutely adore.

Self-produced by Maver and mixed and mastered by Timothy Arnott (Ukiyo), ‘Lay Down’ provides an upbeat feel to the soundscape from the word go through the buoyant groove in the percussion that layers up very nicely to the laid-back vocals and accompanying instrumentation. This all leads to an emphatic chorus section, where the distortion makes its presence felt in a wall of sound that pierces through your speakers with its sheer power and leaves you in awe with the production masterclass on display.

“This song is a conversation I have with my bed almost everyday, where sometimes you just feel like your bed is pulling you down deeper into the mattress where you feel stuck and can’t leave. The bridge is one of my favourite parts of the track, it’s the moment of finally conquering the spiral and getting on with your day with an intense battle to make that happen.

Most of the time, when I’m stuck in an anxiety spiral on my bed, I get stuck and pulled down into it where I feel like I’m glued there for at least a little while.” – Maver

out now via: MAVER
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