UK duo Punctual have just released their debut ep “Maze” which is a real fine three-track showcase of their melodic house sound & style. Generally I prefer an ep to have at least four or five songs but for what they lack in track numbers on “Maze” they more than make up for with the quality of these three songs. Really nice work guys! 

“‘Maze’ was one of the first tracks we made after the initial lockdown. We had just moved into our new studio and the freedom of being out of our homes and the space itself made us feel really creative. When you take a step away or are in a new environment you get this fresh, new perspective on everything and we really felt that then. The EP was a product of all of this and it was really exciting to be able to get together again with our amazing collaborators.” – Punctual

out now via: Monstercat
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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