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A few months back we premiered a song called ‘Sky is Falling’ from a New Zealand newcomer who goes by the name Tarn PK. That release came with news of his upcoming ep “The Monarch” which is actually being released today, and we’ve also got the privilege of premiering its focus-track, ‘Cheap Ecstasy’. 

What is clear in ‘Cheap Ecstasy’ is Tarn PK‘s focus on a minimalistic composition with plenty of room to breathe, but somehow managing to provide plenty of depth on offer. This is achieved through a subtle use of reverb on his stunning vocals that intertwine beautifully with the bright acoustic guitars, as well as the atmospheric elements playfully bouncing their way around the backdrop amongst the electronic drums holding the back bone in tact.

“The day I wrote Cheap Ecstasy I was in a rush to go to a concert, but I’d got this idea so I quickly wrote and recorded the track in the 20 minutes beforeI had to go. It started on the acoustic guitar and I did one take of the vocals over it, the melodies of that first take were the ones that ended up staying on the track. It was one of those songwriting times where it was all I could think about for the rest of the day. After the fact I went in circles changing lyrics, adding bridges, and instrument parts, but I eventually realised I just needed to keep it simple and stick with the original idea” – Tarn PK

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