San Holo has a new 20-track album coming our way in May called “bb u ok?” which you can pre-order now via bitbird.

Just recently San Holo gave us the album’s very cool title-track (which has been copping a bit of a flogging over here), and he’s coming back to us this week with another sample from the album, ‘Find Your Way’, which is an invigorating song that features the voice of Bipolar Sunshine

“I tend to look at the music I put out as different chapters in my life. When I wrote my last album (album1) I was in love. You can hear it in the music. It’s uplifting. Hopeful. But love is such a complex emotion, it’s fluid, it’s fleeting, it comes and it goes. Sometimes love gets dark, but most importantly, sometimes it ends. For me, when the love has gone, a part will always remain. It’s about learning to move on – even if it hurts.” – San Holo

Stream via: bitbird / Counter Records
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