Dutch producer Zes transports you to a soothing state of mind with his blend of acoustic and electronic instrumentation with his latest EP ‘Somewhere in the Middle’, a five-track offering that takes you on a vast journey full of fragility and self-development.

With feature singles ‘Dive’, ‘Alright’ and most recently ‘To Care Less’ on board for the ride, Zes uses the beauty of the acoustic guitar as a core to build his emotional and personal narratives from. With his airy vocals creating their own atmospheric bliss amongst the track listing, Zes heightens his already impressing production base with subtle injections of electronic influence that set the mix alight.

“In each of the five tracks, I set out to create sonic pockets of deeper meaning by returning to my roots in acoustic instrumentation; letting the lyrics flow from the abstract contemplative process I felt in those moments. Whenever the soul-searching developments became too abstract to explain in words, I was able to translate these feelings through sonic representations.” – Zes

Stream: bitbird
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