Following on from his 2019 release of ‘Holding On’ featuring Austen, Australian producer Dugong Jr returns to our hearts with another exceptional blend of R&B/electronica titled ‘Drive’ which features the sublime vocals of Jordan Dennis.

Utilising a vibrant sound palate featuring several Vietnamese stringed instruments throughout the duration of the track, ‘Holding On’ provides a unique flavour which further accentuates to R&B groove created in the beats. Through these elements, we see Jordan Dennis absolutely shine with this buoyant podium created and come through with a significant amount of swagger through each lyric on offer.

“For this record I really wanted to make something a bit more laid back and vibey. Vietnamese stringed instruments aren’t usually what people would gravitate towards for more RnB type stuff, but it works for me haha. I always had Jordan in mind when I was creating this beat so when I showed it to him and he loved it I was super happy!” – Dugong Jr

Stream: Be Rich Records
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