Melbourne duo Peachnoise have brought forth a thrilling and suspense-filled offering titled ‘Yah’ that will keep you on the edge of your seat long after it finishes.

The suspense builds immediately through Gina Somfleth’s breathy melodies that inject the notion of fear into the mix from the word go, before the powerful and robust combination of synth bass and drums tears through with sheer ferocity to intensify the track to incredible heights in the chorus.

‘Yah’ also is complimented with a warped music video that showcases a manipulated world that further signifies the notion of being trapped in a toxic relationship, and confidence within oneself through various artistic styles adopted in the peak moments of the audio.

“Yah is a reminder to never let anyone play you in a relationship, because your initial feelings can mask the truth about someone and cloud your objectivity” – Peachnoise

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