It’s been quite a big year for Sydney lads Jesse Sewell and Carl Fox of Porches, and I reckon 2016 is going to be even bigger yet, so before they get too massive to chat with us, we’ve jumped in now to ask them where their love of music began.

“The first CD I bought was “Puff Daddy & Family – No Way out”. I copped it in 1997 listening to it non stop on my disc-man, and I knew the words back-to-front because they were listed on the inside cover. I didn’t realise at the time that a lot of the beats on the album were actually David Bowie or Sting samples.

The lead song on it was ‘Every Step You Take’ which was a tribute track to the late Biggie Smalls. The vibes were massive and the track still overshadowed all of his later work. Without a doubt, the hooks and sampling methods have resonated with me a music composer/producer” – Jesse 

“My first CD was “Big Willie Style” by Will Smith. I remember watching the movie “Men in Black” starring Will Smith and later bought the album purely for the theme song. The album was uplifting and full of feel-good bangers, think “Getting Jiggy With It” and “Miami”. A lot of the songs still hold resonance today, I still drop “Getting Jiggy With It” in my DJ sets from time to time, and it usually works well to get the dance floor moving.

I think Will Smith’s unique ability to cut a hip-hop album in a completely different way to what was being heard at the time stayed with me. There was no swearing and a lot of the themes were positively skewed. Drawing parallels to my own music craft, I definitely try and create music uniqely and stay true to my own sounds” – Carl

Victorian fans can catch Porches at A VERY SWEATY XAMS in Melbourne this Friday, or Beyond the Valley on December 31.

Now let’s wrap this one up with the music video for their latest single ‘High’, which stars a few of their good mates POOLCLVB and ZURI AKoko.