words by Natalia Morawski

The key to sophistication is subtlety; small but significant pieces that make a whole. Brisbane producer, Charles Murdoch, has done exactly that on his debut LP, Point.

Since his remix of Flume‘s Sleepless in 2013, Murdoch has ever so masterfully teased his well garnered fans with slick remixes and singles. And while his signing with the Future Classic label cemented his talent, fans were already captivated by his gossamer, down tempo electronica.

Point is anchored with sophistication; each beat, synth line and sample slides into the other with effortless fluidity. It’s a fluidity that seems innate to Murdoch, and in that lies the success in Point. Murdoch’s ability to create masterful and controlled electronica that at the same time is accessible and unhinged is commendable.

The album doesn’t showcase any big room bangers and rightfully so, it’s rather built with cerebral bass tracks that are tightly packed with intricacies, like birds chirping, the faint buzz of cicadas, the odd shimmer of chimes – it requires a thoughtful ear as not to miss the details that enliven it

‘Straws’ is one of the more memorable tracks, it flitters and transcends with incandescent future synths. It’s a fast track, but Murdoch still continues to demand and control his music with a grace and complexity that is translatable on every track. ‘Open’ features vocals from Chloe Kaul – the track also plays with future synths, that echo and float candescently.

‘Frogs’ melts with Oskar Key Sung‘s and Wafia‘s undone vocals. The track feels elastic with wobbly synths, and is coloured darker and grimier with a rap from Hak.

For a young producer like Charles Murdoch, Point is a hallmark of more enchanting and luminous things to come. Signing with Future Classic feels almost platonic, as Murdoch continues the roll of heavy weight artists that are akin with music that is slick and sophisticated. A patient and discerning ear like Murdoch’s is rare to come by and Point is only the first proof of that.

Rating: ★★★★★

Charles Murdoch‘s new album will be out on December 12 through Future Classic – moisten those tastebuds with this three-track preview

https://www.facebook.com/charlesmurdochmusicpage https://soundcloud.com/charlesmurdoch

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