Pretty much everyone I know is a fan of electronic music, but have you ever wondered how that came to be?

BOSE & VICE have recently partnered up for a new series called Seeds and Stems, which has them investigating that very question, as they look at how musical sub-genres spread beyond geographical borders.

Their research discovered that the term “electronica” emerged in the late 1990s as a descriptor for a wide range of electronic music styles that didn’t quite fit into one particular genre such as House, Dance or Disco.

Back then the electronic music scene was predominantly ruled by artists like Moby, but when certain commercial pop-stars like Madonna started experimenting in the electronic realm, questions began to surface as to what the term “electronica” actually represented. As time moved on more and more sub-genres began to emerge and the term “electronica” was soon pushed aside to make way for the even more meaningless label “EDM”, aka Electronic Dance Music.

BOSE & VICE discover that by the mid-2000s, Sydney was fostering a very healthy community of electronic artists that had been influenced by the international “EDM” culture. Acts such as PVT and Seekae paved the way for a new generation of producers like Flume (and many of the Future Classic crew for that matter), and now today Sydney has an incredible electronic music scene that is revered and watched by a worldwide audience.

You can read through the full editorial on VICE now

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