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featuring: K.Cero, AV AV AV, Art Vandelay and Sad Eyes

featuring: Emma Sameth, mesita, Strange Club and Zimmer

featuring: HERO, Saro, TOBi, Raleigh Ritchie and Thalab

featuring: William Bolton, Lucian, Greg Owens, Gobby and Vasser

featuring: OUR MOTHER, SMNM, Jynx, up and Lane 8

featuring: Lex Low, UNNO, MOD, NOTNO and Saux

featuring: Von Sell, Youngr, Vallis Alps, Kultur and LuvAbstract

featuring: Dirty Blonde, LIF, BVRGER, Arona Mane and Lonelyspeck

featuring: Take Your Time, Dirty Chocolate, Conducta, Polographia and Tony Tokyo

featuring: Michael Mason, LEISURE, Joe Flowers, Saro and Punctual

featuring: The Legends, Eli Way, argonaut&wasp, Luk and Athlete Whippet

featuring: Joe Goddard x Michael Mayer, PREP, Hudson Scott, Malvae and Yurei

featuring: Will Fraker, Klyne, Jome, Beach Season and Abroad

featuring: Parekh & Singh, TOBY, midnight, Mickey Blue and Humons

featuring: Mulàn, Novaa, Kult Kyss, Punctual and Eric Demn