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No Ceremony/// – ‘Hurtlove’ [Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross Remix]:    Sandro Perri – ‘Love and Light’:    Zola Jesus – ‘Vessel’:     Big Deal – ‘Chair’:    Florence + The Machine – ‘Shake It Out’:    Ducktails – ‘Hamilton Road’:    The Drums – ‘How It Ended’:    Niki & The Dove – ‘The […]

Russian/American singer/songwriter Nika Roza Danilova, aka Zola Jesus is almost set to drop LP three, Conatus. The record’s 11 tracks were written and performed by Zola herself while also co-producing it with the assistance of producer, Brian Foote. A lot can be said about Zola’s dark, synth-heavy post-punk, almost demonic-sounding style; but “poppy” it definitely is not. Wrap your […]