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We caught up with Aeroplane while he was in Australia recently and asked him what the first CD he ever bought (stole) was?

Kick start your week with ‘Funk & Boogie,’ the brand new mix from everyone’s favourite Belgian producer, Aeroplane.

What he lacks in consistency, he makes up for in exclusivity. The Not-So-Monthly ‘October’ 2012 Mix debuts the Tiger & Woods remix of brand new Aeroplane track ‘In Her Eyes.’

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Vito Aeroplane is at it again. Here is May 2012’s disco infused mix.

Vito Aeroplane is in the country at the moment doing a few shows to promote his latest compilation, In Flight Entertainment. We were lucky enough to chat with him amidst his hectic touring schedule.

When we grow up, we want to be like Aeroplane. Here’s another solid monthly mix from the Belgium beat master:

Over the last two years, Aeroplane has been selecting his favourite tunes of the month to form his monthly mixes – which we feature here relentlessly. These mixes gain a lot of attention quickly, with his Soundcloud page copping 30,000 to 45,000+ plays per mix. Evolution has stepped-in and given birth to the Aeroplane: In-Flight Entertainment compilation record. He’s […]

Each month, Belgium producer The Magician meticulously pieces together a very special ‘Magic Tape’. It’s simply an hour + long mixtape without track listings and loaded with fresh (and often exclusive) booty-shaking beats. They’re also available for FREE download!   TheMagician.com

Aeroplane, you’ve done it again. Mobile users, click here to listen. Track-listing: 1. Toro Y Moi – All Alone 2. Arnaud Rebotini – Another Time, Another Place  [Gucci Vump Remix] 3. Ron Basejam – Looter 4. Runaway – Chapter IV  [Tensake Reinterpretation] 5. Moonboots – Off My Mind 6. NSFW – Coconut  [Cosmonauts Remix] 7. Edwin Van Cleef […]

In memory of Mehdi Favéris-Essadi‘s passing, Vito De Luca/Aeroplane has released the below single. He had this to say: Hi all, I’m not good with words. But somehow since Tuesday I couldn’t think right and something needed to get out. Music being the only medium I know how to use, here it is. It’s called […]

If you’re looking for a little musical concoction to get you through the Monday arvo slump then look no further than the new Aeroplane monthly mix. Mobile users, click here to listen. Track-listing: 1. NYAK – Goin Back 2. Mark Ronson – Record Collection  [Perseus Remix] 3. Honom – Bedcat 4. Fred Ventura – The Years […]

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Here we go again – strap yourself in and make friends with the beats.  Mobile users, click here to listen. Tracklisting: 1. Darwin Deez – Radar Detector  [The Loving Hand Remix] 2. Nicholas – Without You 3. Mitzi – Morning Light 4. Martin Brodin & Dumb Dan – Blood Stud  [Ray Mang Remix] 5. Chopstick […]

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It’s that time of the month again – Vito Aeroplane has dropped yet another MixTape and as usual, it is packed with silky, sexy beats. Mobile users, click here to listen. Tracklisting: 1. Tricksky – Beginning 2. Juan Soto – ISS 2015 3. Out of City – Galactica 4. Human League – Sky    [Plastic […]

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Get your dance pants on for Vito Aeroplane‘s monthly Mix. It features 12 glorious beat-happy tracks Vito has collected over the month just passed. Perfect way to start the week we reckon. Mobile users, click here to listen! Tracklist: 1. ESG: What she came for 2. Michael King: Plum Bobb 3. Microsolco: A lion love 4. […]

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It’s that time of the month again. Not only are we riding the crimson wave but Aeroplane has also released another monthly mixtape. Highly doubt this day could get better. Enjoy the visuals/tunes. Aeroplane – April 2011 Mix:   Mobile users, click here to listen! Tracklisting: 1. Alex Winston – Sister Wife [Moonlight Matters Remix] 2. Crimea X […]