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Aquilo has released a beautiful video trilogy and we’re feeling all of the feels.

Our anticipation is met with total satisfaction as SOHN reveals his brand new album

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Stimulate your ear-holes & your eyeballs with some of this week’s best music videos

SOHN brings out the hard liquor as we edge closer to the release of his new album

Aussie artist BROADHURST gives us a hard-hitting and emotional video for his latest single

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SOHN gives us the gorgeous title-track off his upcoming album

Pat Lok, Embody, Gnash, SOHN and Joe Goddard (plus more) remix HONNE’s incredible 2016 debut

If you’re only going to listen to one ep/album this week, let it be Leon Power’s debut ep

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SOHN toys with our anticipation as he gives us another peek at his new album

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We ask HONNE where it all began

Ease into your Monday with the chilled daydreaming sounds of these two Frenchmen, Slowz and Clarens

SOHN signals intentions with brave new single

(by Michael Hutchinson)

If you’re into dreamy melancholic electronica, Fjord will be right up your alley

This new track from BROADHURST may be the nicest thing you hear all week

HONNE give us all another little album-teaser ahead of its release next week