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featuring: Chris Malinchak, Sam Padrul x Megan Vice, Yuksek x Juveniles and LEFTI

Sam Padrul and Lyon Hart have plenty of love to go around

Jason Gaffner closes out the year with his next sun-drenched, summer soundtrack-worthy release

Jason Gaffner gives us another taste of his debut ep with this little island-electro-funk groove

Jason Gaffner makes good on his promise of more new tunes with a super smooth, disco-funk tune

Jason Gaffner gives us a taste of things to come with a smooth new original groove

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featuring: Sam Padrul, Roman Kouder, Special Q, Dayne S and Lennart Richter

AR Ferdinand teams up with Axel Mansoor for the next taste of his upcoming album

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Golden showers all round!

Sam Padrul and Patrick Baker get together up for a collab that was obviously just meant to be

Melt into the smooth new electro-R&B tune from Los Angeles duo RKCB

AR Ferdinand gives us another taste of his upcoming LP, this one featuring the voice of Harriet Brown

Lose yourself in the showering house grooves of LA duo Casino Gold

Bells and Robes give us a slick remix of Mark Maxwell’s latest tune featuring Jason Gaffner

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You all look like you need some of this