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Back in April The Flaming Lips released a few new tracks in typical Lips form: five USB sticks that were each encased inside of a large, seven pound skull made entirely out of edible gummy material. They’ve gone one step further this time – a USB containing three previously unreleased tracks encased inside a gummi fetus (pictured right). […]

Cartoon Network’s ‘adult’ programming block [Adult Swim] have unleashed the Adult Swim Singles Program. The idea behind the series is to release a free, unreleased track each week for 10 weeks from a different and very cool cross-genre list of artists. Already released in the series are the following: Week 1 – Ford & Lopatin: ‘Too […]

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English neo-rock heads Kasabian are back with new album Velociraptor! Since their debut release in 2004, Kasabian have been supplying us with some pretty hard hitting tunes and as you will here from the single below, there is no-doubt this year’s LP is going to be Ben-Hur (epic). First single to fall out of it is ‘Switchblade Smiles’: […]