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There’s no time like the right time

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He thinks he’s people

Pet Shop Boys give us the first taste of their new album – better get your glow sticks out!

George Clanton takes us on a dark, enjoyable journey of 80s synth grooves

– ★★★★★ by Natalia Morawski

New York City’s George Clanton gives us another synth-licious taste of his upcoming album

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WARNING: the weekend may be closer than it appears

New York City’s Mirror Kisses is always on time and always likes to share

Mirror Kisses has a secret he wants to share with you

Mirror Kisses shares his latest lo-fi offering that is going to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside

Zoot Woman have an assurance of a high quality music which few other acts can muster

– ★★★★ by Michael Hutchinson

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I’ll have what he’s having.

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featuring: Hans Zimmer, Tomas Barfod, Say Lou Lou, AQUILO, The Knife, Calvin Harris, Sia, The Penelopes, Pet Shop Boys and Joakim

being reworked by: Tyord, Beacon, Noah Breakfast, Royce Wood Jnr, Rroxymore, feedBack, BASECAMP, Is Tropical, Stacks and Cray76

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NYC’s Belanger has been on our radar quite a bit lately – he certainly is another music-maker to keep your eye on

Mirror Kisses’ latest single ‘Genius,’ sounds like a 1980s movie soundtrack. It is synthy-delicious.

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Melbourne’s Hopium are sure to make a huge impact on the Aussie music scene in 2014.