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Orlando newcomer DVWEZ delivers an impressive debut EP

Fans of Sam Smith and Active Child will really dig the sounds of Melbourne’s Benji Lewis

UK producer Kayper shares a tribute to Erykah Badu

Orlando newcomer DVWEZ has an incredibly smooth new tune to share with us today

Deutsch Duke drops a great new soulful tune featuring Touch Sensitive on bass

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*may be toxic in high doses

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featuring: ASTR, Pham, Spazzkid, Flight Facilities and Caribou

being remixed by: Figgy, Jimmy Q, Super Magic Hats, Snakehips and The Upbeats

Deutsch Duke sends out another impressing and powerful original

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The highs and lows of Laneway Sydney

– ★★★ by Jacqui Wonder

The Flight Facilities have delivered, and all we have left to say is, thank you Jebus

[★★★★☆ by Vicki Winter]

Reggie Watts busts out some damn fine dance moves in this new Flight Facilities video

Emma Louise lends her voice to the Flight Facilities for their latest offering, ‘Two Bodies’

Does Andy Bull’s long awaited album Sea of Approval live up to expectations?

– ★★★ by Justine McNamara

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Here’s your weekend aphrodisiac. You’re welcome!

If you’re going to cover a song, you need to do it really well