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Stimulate your ear-holes & your eyeballs with some of this week’s best music videos

Thanks to Dawn Richard, redemption is now at hand.

(★★★★★ by Carlos Duarte)

Tel Aviv’s Noga Erez is keen to know if you can dance while you shoot…

Wolfie takes us into a world of reverberating bass, delicate synth and lyrical brilliance

(★★★★★ by Ethan Cardinal)

Eau Claire remixes Midnight Pool Party and does a damn good job of it too

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Let’s all be smooth and groove

Jaiel prefer to let their music do the talking

What do we think about Elizabeth Rose’s new EP?

“Connecting with music that is emotionally driven and tries to communicate something new in terms of songwriting and production are what I gravitate towards most. With that said, here are my Top 10 Albums of 2013”

by Carlos Duarte.

Stream M.I.A’s forthcoming LP Matangi right here, right now.

The Summadayze 2013 line up is phenomenal with acts like The Chemical Brothers, Mark Ronson and M.I.A gracing our shores.

Female hip-hop royalty, unite! Missy Elliott and Rye Rye have joined forces with M.I.A. and Major Lazer’s Switch for a remix of ‘Bad Girls.’

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Catherine Kelleher AKA Catcall is our latest girl crush. The Sydney based electro-pop songstress let loose her debut record The Warmest Place just over a week ago – primetime to talk inspirations, dream collaborations and stalking confessions. Where are you and what are you wearing? [Laughs] I’m in my apartment in Surry Hills and I’m just wearing a pair of […]

With hit track ‘Bad Girls’ being smashed all around the globe, M.I.A. has taken the opportunity to toy with our emotions by releasing a teaser for new track labelled ‘COME WALK WITH ME MIA . MATANGI 2012.’ Is this suggesting that the forthcoming album’s title is Matangi (M.I.A.’s birth name)? [yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXWs9P6ykHE’] She’ll continue to tease us, no doubt. To tide […]

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