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AQUILO make a nice return to their chilled-lullaby/electro-soul sound

Björk announces she’s releasing a string version of Vulnicura and reveals its first piece

Fans of Sigur Rós​ and Washed Out​ are going to love Welsh four-piece Yucatan​

Björk played an hour-long DJ set at the Tri Angle Records birthday-bash in New York over the weekend

UK lads AQUILO share the next gorgeous single from their upcoming EP

Vulnicura continues to see Björk defy the rules that contemporary pop likes to think it creates

– ★★★★ by Carlos Duarte

José González shares lead-single from his first album in seven years

The new album from Iceland’s Low Roar is finally upon us, and it is as strikingly beautiful as everyone expected it to be

– ★★★★

Iceland’s LOW ROAR shares another single from the forthcomer, this called ‘Vampire On My Fridge’

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Total Warr, Low Roar, Monarchy, Yasmin, Wild Cub and TEEMID – covering – The Strokes, Bruce Springsteen, Lorde, Whitney, CHVRCHES and Kylie Minogue

LOW ROAR could be Iceland’s very own version of Grizzly Bear – big call I know, but I’m willing to back it up.

Ever wondered what an Icelandic version of Grizzly Bear would sound like?

LOW ROAR is the answer.