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Danish newcomer M.I.L.K. shares another great new track and shares news of his upcoming debut ep

Here’s another great new track from one of my favourite discoveries of 2016 – Blondage

100% sold on the sounds of Danish duo Blondage

This track from Dutch newcomer Feiertag will definitely make you want to get up and move

Listen to Tomas Barfod’s new EP with your headphones on and the volume turned up to a decent level of high

Lose yourself in the daydreaming electronic sounds of the debut EP by Swedish newcomer SQRD

Tomas Barfod gives us another beautifully sculpted preview of his new EP

WhoMadeWho’s Tomas Barfod give us the first taste of his upcoming EP, featuring the heavenly voice of Nina K

featuring: Rest In Beats, Tora, Post Malone, Mirror Signal and Kasper Bjorke

being remixed by: Oscar Bandersen, La Mar, Bipolar Sunshine & Jazz Purple, Himalia and Matt Karmil

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featuring: Fleetwood Mac, Jai Paul, Bat For Lashes, Bill Withers and Kim Carnes

being covered by: Robyn Sherwell, Tay Iwar, JAY-JAY JOHANSON, WFJ and Kasper Bjørke

featuring: Daniel Johns, Jungle, Hot Chip, Indian Summer, Alison Wonderland and Calvin Harris

Greenskeepers frontman has a new project called Faded Ranger, and this is their debut album

After Forever stands as one of Kasper Bjørke’s finest efforts. Prepare yourself for an interstellar musical experience.

[★★★★ by Carlos Duarte]

Check out the latest single from Danish producer Kasper Bjørke

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featuring: Kasper Bjørke, BANKS, Fabich & Ferdinand Weber and Dinnerdate, MyKill & Walker, Eastern Bloc, Metome