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featuring: Hobart Curtis, biyo, AT LAST & Juveniles

featuring: Goss, SIDIZEN KING, Okay Ché & Alec Jackson

featuring: Solo Dan, Toyko, Rei Brown & Elderbrook

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featuring: Connor, GOVI, Louis The Child & Dan Bravo

featuring: SAKIMA, Himmel, Strange Club & Tobtok

featuring: NoMBe, Saux, WAJU & KAYEX

featuring: Jarreau Vandal, William Bolton, Sondrio & The Juan MacLean

featuring: Moglii, Alex Lustig, Jarami & PVLMS

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featuring: OKBADLANDS, Chris Buxton, biyo and TJANI

featuring: Plains, Human Movement, Murky and NTEIBINT

featuring: KHAI, NoMBe, KRANE x Laxcity and FFX

featuring: FRND, School of X, Moullinex and Cassian

featuring: Lewis Grant, William Bolton, Phil Good & Kulkid

featuring: Dan Bravo, B.Miles, TroyBoi x Icekream & POOLCLVB

featuring: William Bolton, BEij, Elgus and Niko Javan