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Melbourne producer Waveless closes out the year with another stunning EP

This new tune from Detroit dudes Gosh Pith should probably be played during foreplay for maximum results

German duo Hotlane introduce us to their infectious electro-pop sounds

LA newcomers Leitbur take us on a pleasant exploration of their synthy dream-pop sounds

Fans of Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver and Ásgeir need to be aware of Icelandic newcomer, Axel Flóvent

Berlin newcomer Mogul drops his debut EP, featuring a surprise guest spot by Melbourne’s Kids At Midnight

Everyone needs to have this new EP from James Curd in their lives

Detroit dudes Gosh Pith share their debut EP this week AND they’re giving it away for free

Fans of Fever Ray and Maya Jane Coles should probably be aware of Femme En Fourrure as well

Take a listen to the manicured electro-pop sounds of LA newcomer Druzy

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The debut EP from Irish/Iranian newcomer Keian is sure to hit the right spot with some of you

Kiwi newcomer Taste Nasa shares his very cool debut EP

Fans of Róisín Murphy and Goldfrapp will love the sounds of Polish duo Rebeka

You’ve got to hear this stunning new EP by a young producer from Melbourne called Waveless

After working with the likes of Rhye, BANKS and Mr Little Jeans, mAsis team up to give us this gorgeous debut EP