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Disclosure team up with Gregory Porter for the first official single from their upcoming album

Disclosure drop a big, banging, housey tune

Disclosure are itching to share some new music with you

Disclosure premiere a music video for ‘Grab Her’

Disclosure premiere the music video for ‘Voices’ featuring Sasha Keable

Overnight Disclosure unleashed a dark, heavy house jam called ‘Apollo’ and we think that you Disclosure fans are really going to enjoy it.

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The weekend begins when you play the Friday MixTape; or when you’ve sucked Kahlua out of someone’s bellybutton.

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Sydney’s ROOF produces some of the best disco-house mixes in Australia. His latest monthly creation, July Live Mix 2013, will have dance-floor deviants frothing from start to finish.

Stream ‘Settle,’ the debut album from British dance prodigies Disclosure that is set to enter the pantheon of seminal dance albums like ‘Dig Your Own Hole’ and ‘Discovery.’

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Get up on this funk!

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We had a quick chat with Vito from Aeroplane about his debut album We Can’t Fly, remixing the Friendly Fires track ‘Paris’ and of course Field Day 2011.