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Christa Vi gives us a little electro-pop taste of her upcoming debut album

Dutch songstress Sevdaliza gives us another collection of her stunning enigmatic tunes

Sydney duo Left. give us another taste of their upcoming debut EP

Bust out the slow-groove moves to the new single by Sydney’s Tashka

I’m not sure if pandemonium songbird is a thing yet, but Empress Of might be the originator

– ★★★★ by Jacqui Wonder

Mysterious new artist Di unveils dynamic debut track

– by Michael Hutchinson

Perth duo GRRL PAL have a new track for us this week full of synth-trappy goodness

Mao Ra Sun another great new single, this time with Marin on vocal duties

Posted on by: acid stag

Today we premiere the debut single by Australian newcomer, RKDA

Posted on by: acid stag

Today we introduce a new Australian female producer to the the electronic music scene, who shall be known as RKDA

Melbourne trio V​oltaire Twins​ share new electro-pop single

If you play truth or dare with GRRL PAL, shit’s gunna get sexy

SEVDALIZA wants to be that other girl

GRRL PAL take the next step in the evolution of their sound with latest single ‘NGHT’

This new track from Sun City has me thinking of sunshine, babes and piña colada’s