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featuring: BAILE, Braids, JONES, Tycho and I’lls

remixed by: Jerome LOL, Dave Harrington, Salute, Baio and Planète

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featuring: Beyonce, The Wombats, The Kooks, SAINT WKND and Martin Solveig

remixed by: Dave Harrington, Moritz Butschek x Ferdinand Zahn, Atlas Genius, Fabich and Blonde

This new Nymphs series track from Nicolas Jaar will make the world around you disappear

featuring: Gallant, The Antlers, Mesa Luna, Club Kuru and Deebs & Jarell Perry

being remixed by: su na, Dave Harrington, Noble Oak, HOLY STRAYS and Kodak To Graph

After four years Nicolas Jaar decides to give us a whole stack of new solo material

Darkside’s performance at the Palace Theatre in Melbourne last Friday blew many minds.

We’ve tried to put our experience into mere words – ★★★★★

“Darkside’s Psychic is not so much an album as an experience – keep an open mind and enjoy.” ★★★

Words by Jacqui Wonder.

DARKSIDE, comprised of electronic producer Nicolas Jaar and guitarist Dave Harrington, have served up ‘Golden Arrow,’ the first single and opening track to forthcoming debut album ‘Psychic.’

Using the pseudonym of Daftside, Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington have once again teamed-up; this time to remix Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ in its entirety.

The DARKSIDE project is collaboration between Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington. They’ve recently released a three track EP of hypnotizing electro-pulse sounds.