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Conics have produced an exclusive mixtape for acid stag, tailored to suit your specific needs

NYC’s Atlantic Records hand-pick Perth duo Sun City to remix Crystal Fighters’ latest single, ‘LA Calling’

From Perth in Western Australia comes the fresh indie-pop sounds of Stillwater Giants and their latest single ‘Insane,’ the first tune to fall from their early 2014 scheduled debut album.

This week, Sydney indie-dance crew Conics are holding an official launch party at Goodgod Small Club to celebrate the release of their debut EP, Faces.

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‘Faces’ is an excellent debut EP from indie-dance crew Conics, the follow-up to their celebrated single ‘This Moment.’

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Friday + MixTape. You do the meth. I mean math.

Five piece indie-dance crew Conics have been making waves around Sydney this week with their latest single, ‘This Moment.’ With its warm synths and smooth vocal harmonies, it screams sun-drenched lazy Sundays.