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featuring: Dirty Blonde, Thalab, mAsis, Teen Daze and Catching Flies

GAPS upload delicate new single, ‘She Bears A Flower’

featuring: Youthfire, José González, SAGE, Catching Flies, Kid Scissor, MARZxLEON, Tourist, Eric Sharp & Whitney Fierce, option4, BOULEVARDS and metals

‘I Know It’s You’ and ‘Inside Your Head’ from Brighton duo GAPS, is likely the best thing you’ll hear all day

‘Soliloquy’ is the latest offering from Brighton newcomer Samuel J.

Catching Flies has sent through this gorgeous remix he has produced for Brighton-bred music-maker Louis M^ttrs’ latest single, ‘War With Heaven’

British producer Catching Flies has resurfaced over the weekend with an aurally tantalising new single. ‘Don’t Know How’ sees him teaming up with very talented multi-instrumentalist Ifan Dafydd.

22 year-old musician/producer Catching Flies returns with his latest piece of sweet down-tempo bliss, ‘Stay Forever.’ It’s the first single from his upcoming EP, The Long Journey Home.

Catching Flies is another unbelievably talented 21-year-old producer from London destined for great things. He could very well be Britain’s answer to Flume.