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‘Hobo Rocket’ is a body of work that shows exactly why POND have such high praise thrown their way, and why they deserve it.

Vicissitude’s strength lies in its creator’s outpouring of sentiments. Considering that not every electronic act cares to be this introspective, Maps can be commended.

Tunng have evolved into a band that is capable of melding folk and electronica into a successful match made in heaven. Turbines, their fifth album release, is a seamless experience that folktronic dreams are made of.

By melding 70s sounds with modern electronic elements, the Midnight Juggernauts’ sound has matured and given new album ‘Uncanny Valley’ a simultaneously vintage and futuristic flair.

Despite the sour event that preceded this release, CSS managed to uphold their fun, spirited sound without stumbling. Planta exudes plenty of grunt complimented by production that matches the girls’ boisterous nature, ensuring the party never ends.