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Vincent Coleman delivers his best work to-date with his new five-track EP

featuring: KRNE, KAPTAN, Boulevards, DEAMN and Joe Maz

ROIS deliver some serious baby-making music with their debut EP

ROIS is the new project by Vincent Coleman & Nickolas Hughston, and this is their debut release

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feat: JATA, BOULEVARDS, Vincent Coleman x Nickolas, E.A.S.Y and CULTR

LA’s newest future-funk bros THRILLERS drop their debut EP

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featuring: Erlend Øye, Prinzhorn Dance School, Darkness Falls, JMSN, Reptile Youth, Tear Council, Boulevards and Alison Wonderland

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This mixtape would sound way better if you were in your underwear…

Boulevards brings some new funk to the table and it will have you clawing for the nearest dancefloor

Theophilus London gets remixed by Brenmar and Sliink x Nadus, and the results speak for themselves

Boulevards delivers just the right amounts of groove, funk and R&B

Melbourne’s Ren Riz teams up with LA’s Vincent Coleman for a super sexy nu-disco groove

This nine track record may start off with wistful contemplations of mortality, but the shades of eroticism it reveals, excites and intrigues

– ★★★★ by Carlos Duarte

Treat yourself both aurally and emotionally with 9 Islands, the debut album from Vincent Coleman

featuring: Youthfire, José González, SAGE, Catching Flies, Kid Scissor, MARZxLEON, Tourist, Eric Sharp & Whitney Fierce, option4, BOULEVARDS and metals